Maybe I could do better. Usually before school I just tell the kids to hurry up and get in the car. Then we run to Panera and the kids run in and get my coffee (it used to be Starbucks until the Starbucks CEO said he didn't want my business because I think homosexuality is a sin).  Then we run through McDonalds, Burger King or whoever is having the better deal and the kids get their breakfast.
Well, this morning I just told them to go down and make themselves breakfast. Shepard's was normal. Cokie had a hotpocket.
Stafan had this. Arden's--leftover breadstick from Olive Garden. I love garlic, but smelling it before my coffee isn't the best way to start the day.

Stafan also had this. I guess if you're going to eat ice cream, this is better than right before bed.
Oh well, at least they all were dressed and at school on time.



Oh, and this was Arden the night before dressed up for Olive Garden.  Her tennis coach took the top players.