I took this picture of Bret Friday night. I did all that blogging below, but I didn't post any recent pictures to show how all Bret's surgeries have come out. We are really pleased! Bret had a small surgery right after we got her which was about 10 years ago. Then several more in the last few years. 
Silly string girls!!
This was just the other day.  She has had the same group of girl friends about all through grade school and now middle school. She goes to church and school with them. They are good, good girls and have great parents.

DSCN4843About 3 years ago we tried dermabrasion on Bret's burn scars. It didn't turn out like we hoped. It was the very first time I ever experienced a panic attack. I walked in the recovery room and saw her skinned face. The inside of my body felt like one big burning sensation. I didn't know if I was going to pass out or throw up, but I had to sit down. Bret looked at me like she needed help, but I had to leave the room before I lost it. I knew if I stayed I would scare her to death so I told her I had to let her Dad come see her.

They also worked on her arm where it was burned.


Then, we went for expanders in her neck. A silicone balloon expander was inserted under the skin near the area to be repaired and then gradually filled with salt water over time, causing the skin to stretch and grow. For about 3 months she went to the hospital every week or two and they used this needle. Bret was and is a favorite patient. The nurse told me after the procedure, "adults would lay on the table for at least 30 minutes and whine." She said she would come in to check on Bret 5 minutes later, but Bret would already be gone.  She said she would ask, "Where is Bret?!" Bret did not so much as make a sound the entire time.  She is one tough cookie.


I think this was after the doctor inserted the two expanders.
The expanders got bigger and bigger. Bret wore a scarf when she went out. She stayed home from school the entire semester and was tutored. These flowers were from her teachers.
Bret with my niece. Bret takes it all in stride and never complains! DSCN3643


They took out the expanders and she was cut from ear to ear taking out all the scarred skin.