What to name my new boy?

 I'm still not positive on what to name our new son, but at least I still have plenty of time.  I do have some ideas for first names, but don't have a clue for a middle name.  The one thing I am sure about is  we don't need another S name.  Of course, it isn't confusing for us, but it is other people.  I have Stafan and Shepard and my sister's Chinese son is Sawyer.     



 Stafan doesn't try, but is so "cool" about everything he does and says.  Shepard sometimes is just so funny without trying to be.   I always lay out their clothes the night before for school. I laid out these sweaters for school Thursday.  Friday morning, Shepard came in my room with his on and mad as a hornet.  He was worried everyone would think he was wearing a girls sweater.  Mike and I finally convinced him it did not look like a girls sweater.  He has been here  2 1/2 years now and is making good grades.  But he is still learning English, and tonight at dinner we got one of those reminders that he is.  He ordered mashed potatoes and when they asked him what kind of gravy he wanted he said, "chocolate."  Stafan wasn't going to let that one by, so I had to tell him to shut up.


 Someone found these pictures of our new son this week and sent them to me.  He is probably a couple years younger in these, but then again I'm not sure!  Maybe he is tiny. 


 He is with a handsome man here!



 Shepard is very happy that the report said our new son likes to build.  Stafan loves sports.  Shepard likes sports too, but his first love is legos!!


 The boys were so funny this day.  I walked in the room and they all had their shirts off and shooting each other with guns.  I ran to get the camera, but they figured out what I was doing and when I got back they had all put their shirts back on!!!