Big news around here...

Actually, not around here at all. The first news comes straight from Stuttgart, Germany. Our oldest son is engaged.

Brady's girl

Brady's ring

His fiance Rebecca is German, but raised in the Congo by missionary parents. Not only is Brady marrying a good Christian girl--but a missionary kid to boot!! The hand of God had to be in this, because I didn't see that one coming. Brady has tried me at times, but I'm proud of him. He has done one tour of duty in Iraq and is now serving our country in Germany. We're very proud of him and now very excited for both of them.

Brady's Becki




Rebecca won't be the only new addition to our family. We received some pictures from afar of our new son, Boone. He'll be our youngest! Boone is the boy in in the middle wearing green. I've met a nice lady from the Netherlands--or is that Holland? I learned they are the same place. : - ) Anyway, last spring she adopted the little boy on the front row in blue. She met Boone on her trip to get her little boy. Ironically, her new son is named Bo! She told me Boone was a happy boy. It was such a blessing to hear Boone is happy. He has been on my mind even more since Christmas and now that our paperwork is almost ready to send to China, I'm starting to think about him non-stop.


Here Boone is to the right wearing the green. By the time Boone gets to the states, Brady will also be back in the states. Can't wait till next summer!