Lyric is 9

I can't believe it. At the time we adopted Lyric, I knew I wanted to adopt, but I was looking for a child around 4 or 5 years old. The new list of kids came out, and the only ones Mike and I were interested in were babies!! When we first chose Lyric, I was almost sick because of my age!! I could not imagine chasing around a two-year old. It took me three days to get over it. Now that Lyric is nine, I've been thinking how awful it would be if I had let my age stop me from going to get her. That was also the same trip I spotted Kong Wei Xin. So one year later we went back and adopted another 2 year-old, Kong Wei Xin, and we named her Cokie. Since we got Cokie, she and Lyric have always been like peanut butter and jelly and have brought us more happiness than I could have ever imagined.


Lyric is our shinning little star. Even yesterday when I was dropping her off at school a lady came up and introduced herself. She said her daughter was in Lyric's class. The lady had met her daughter for lunch, and Lyric was at the table. She actually told me she wanted Lyric to be her daughter's friend. LOL I immediately thought, "who wouldn't?" Did I just say that?


Since we are such lame parents (meaning we're usually not ready for our kids' birthdays when they arrive), I came up with a plan. We tell our kids that since they are so special, we will celebrate their b-day all week long. So this year Lyric's b-day was on a school day. I gave her a little present that morning and did manage to make her a cake. When Mike came home from work he took her to a game store and let her pick out a video game as a present. The celebration was still going on Friday, and Mike took Lyric along with a ton of her cousins to Jillian's (an arcade downtown). Then Saturday, I took her another cake when we got together with friends at our usual Mexican hangout and had her another little party. Mike told Lyric that he thought her ninth birthday may have been the most celebrated birthday a kid has ever had. Lyric answered, "there's still Sunday!" It just so happened Whitney had a cookout planned for Sunday, so we told Lyric it was for her. : - ) In these pictures Lyric had just ate spicy wings and they are still on her face.


We get stared and smiled at like crazy. I understand that, but every now and then you get the nosy mean look. I told Mike, "well, you know the Chinese gangs are the worst."













Copy of Lyric and director

Lyric was 3 y.o. here with her orphanage director. We took Lyric back with us to adopt Cokie.