One year ago

It is so difficult to blog from China so I didn't get to blog about our trip much last July. Since it is now July 2011 I guess it got me really thinking and excited about the great trip we had. Mike and I have been to China 7 times and I cherish every trip.

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I'm starting out this blog with our travel mates Teri and Mike. They are more than just travel buddies. This was our second trip with them and we planned it so we could travel together again. On this trip we adopted Remi and Shepard and they adopted Reagan. She was their 3rd from China and their first older adoption.

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The elevator ride up to meet our new kids.

Mike is saying here that they have our kids tucked away until some of the families clear out. They wanted to make sure the right kids went with the right parents.

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Remi looked like a starved little rag muffin.

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Shepard looked better, but little did we know his gums were full of pus and infection because of his two front teeth being knocked out. That had a lot to do with what we thought was just shyness. He actually was feeling like crap. He was probably use to it..

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Our first meal with our kids.

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The next morning the kids had their second good meal and with the kids all clean and in their new Americanized clothes we headed back to Civil Affairs to actually adopt them!

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People are always talking about me or asking us why we adopt so many. Well, maybe because we get to take starved little orphans and give them food for their bodies and mind. We don't take any credit for this and give God all the glory.

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Like father like son, already?

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Teri brought this polish from home. It is from Ulta. It was so funny, because the guide did NOT want the kids to wear it. She thought it was bad for them. I kept telling her it was from the US and safe. She even went and got polish remover and took it off them. I ended up repainting them. BTW, our guide was great.

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Picture 274

Remi playing with Mia, another cutie getting adopted.

Picture 111Mia belongs to Ed and Annett.

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We got to spend a lot of time with Li Mei while we were there.

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Here Li Mei is with a little orphan who was abandoned, but her mother came back 8 months later to reclaim her. She is a doll baby! I really fell for her!

Picture 197

Picture 221

Shepard was probably thinking that this new life might not be so bad.

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We also spent a lot of time with our long time sweet friend and her daughter. We love her!

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My friends know I absolutely love breakfast at the White Swan. I think it is more a sentimental thing that anything else.

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I took this picture today of Shepard. I put it on here to show his new teeth. It took lots of dental appointments and the entire year to get his new Hollywood smile. Maybe next time he will actually be smiling.

Reagan came over last week to play. My sister's kids where here too.