Random News and Goings On

Whitney graduated from Marian University with high honors.




One year ago this month I was in China at Starbucks. We were adopting two great kids! My friend was also there adopting. She sent me this picture just today. From looking at my eyes, I would say I had jet lag bad!


I know a lot of people are great with the gotcha dates, but I'm not. I told Remi that we got her and Shepard one year ago this month. She looked at me and said, "July 19th." Talk about wanting to cry. I had no clue she knew the date, because I didn't. Obviously, it was a day I don't think she'll ever forget--the day she got her forever family.

Shepard and Remi are wonderful kids!

The next few pictures are from a graduation celebration for Whitney and my niece Cara.



Cara graduated from The University of Indianapolis with high honors also.





Lael Arden TN

Mike took this with his cell. He drove Lael and Arden down to Tennessee this weekend to drop them off at Summit Ministries. Lael and Arden will be there for two weeks. Whitney also went when she was their age, but it was in Colorado. Summit trains Christians in apologetics, worldview analysis, and social engagement. It is pretty intense study (you can earn college credits if you apply). To put it plainly, Summit teaches kids how to defend themselves against atheist professors. It must of worked for Whitney, because in high school I couldn't really tell which way she was going on her walk with God. Shortly after college her faith seemed to be growing and I asked her what was up with her getting so conservative and God believing. She simply answered "Atheist professors." Who would have thought?

Mike TN

These were taken the night before Lael and Arden checked in at Summit. They spent the night in Knoxville. Lael and Arden toned their outfits down some for Summit.

While Mike was with Lael and Arden, I took the rest of the kids to a family reunion at Spring Mill State Park. Aunts, Uncles and Cousins from my Mom's side of the family. This is Remi with her new great Aunt Adria who I named Remi after (Remi Adria). My aunt is battling cancer right now, but that didn't stop her from driving up here from Louisiana in her RV.




“The Alpha and Omega, the first and the last." That is what my Uncle said to my Aunt here. He is the oldest living child out of 9 kids and my aunt is the youngest. My Uncle was a Church of God Minister and on the board of Anderson College until he retired. Aunt Adria was a school teacher.