Another birthday.  Mike got out of bed before I even woke.  He went to Flapjacks and ordered me an extra crispy pecan waffle with the intention of serving me breakfast in bed.  There was only one problem.  Despite calling ahead and arriving at Flapjacks as soon as they opened, by the time he got back I was already out of bed and in the tub--wondering why he was out of bed so early.  He never gets up before me because he always--and I mean always-- stays up late working.  Let me tell you how late and how "always."  The other night, in the middle of the night,  Mike gets a text from our neighbor saying "time to get to bed good sir!"  LOL 


Reasonably thinking people think of Mike as one of the nicest men ever.  (That isn't to say you can't tick him off!  He is an attorney after all).  But as nice as he is, that's about how rotten I am.  Mike has spoiled me.  I blame him.

Me:  "Mike, I would really rather go out to breakfast." 



So Stafan got the Belgian waffle, and boy was he thrilled!  Ironically, when Mike brought my waffle in the house,  Stafan was already in the kitchen fixing himself frozen waffles.  In his Rocky Balboa voice, Stafan asked Mike, "Who's is that!?" 


And Boonie Butt ended up with Stafan's frozen "Let go of my eggo." 


Then my niece Darby and darling Bret baked me a cake.  : - )  Those two.   

I also got a nice Birthday email clear from Germany!  That would be from my son Brady.




Mike also got me roses.

Me:  "Mike they're beautiful, but I don't like roses.  Especially red roses"  

Mike:  "Well, when you serve breakfast in bed, you have to use a rose." 



I decided since it was my birthday to go out and buy the sheets I had seen the day before!  Yeah!



Then, Mike took me to Maggiano's. 



And to the mall.  Actually, I went to Godiva first, but  they didn't have any candy on sale.  I like See's almost as much.  See's is good candy too!  : - ) 


And it being my birthday and all, Mike let me buy this table.  I put it in the boys' room.


I read this yesterday in my daily Bible reading, and I liked it!  : - )

These are the things you are to do: Speak the truth to each other, and render true and sound judgment in your courts;

Zechariah 8:16 

I had a wonderful birthday--if you have to have one that is!