The night before the big inauguration the kids were finishing homework, getting baths and watching all the buzz leading up of the great day.  Yes, I voted for him.  

Well, I think Stafan must think Melania is BEAUTIFUL.  Not that he ever said it.  Stafan isn't the type.   


This wasn't the first time though that I noticed a serious, puzzled look on Stafan's face when he saw Donald and Melania together.  This time, he looked at them and then looked at me with that same puzzled look and asked,  "Does she really love him?"


After Stafan's question:  the conversation went like this:

Me:  "She is older than she looks.  She is like 36." (turns out she is 47)

Lyric:  "Seriously!  He is like 67!  He is an old man!" (he is 70) 

Me (finally coming clean):  "Well...she married him for his money."


Lyric completely shocked:  "Does Trump know that?!!!!"






Stunning!  She was full of class inside and out. 




OMGosh!  That is just what I was thinking (except for getting Melania's name wrong). 


And this from Harper's Bazaar:  Some say she “stunned” in the belted red dress, but have we ever seen Michelle look so matronly? Especially when it comes to live television events as huge as this? Perhaps your elementary school librarian comes to mind? Wonder what the game plan was with this dress choice?

Maybe it was kind of like the bride who chooses ugly bridesmaid dresses so as not to be shown up on her special day? Yeah, let’s go with that. Sure, sure, it’s winter in Washington. It’s cold. But can’t a belted red dress be a little less... flat? The silver lining? A gift. 

That's what I was thinking too.