So, the other day Mike called and told me he had "tickets."  Of course, he told me what the tickets were to.  But, the thing is, I have a real knack for only hearing what I want to hear.  And, what I heard was "dessert cart."  Hmmmm...  I love the dessert cart.  All week I planned for Friday night.  

I did hear "4" tickets.   We decided we would take Cokie.   She has turned into a true fan!  Then, we decided it was Shepard's turn.  Well, Stafan didn't say much, but he was bummed.  Then I heard Shepard mumble, "Stafan can have my ticket."  I asked Shepard why, and he said, "Because Stafan likes it more than me."  That was all Shepard said.  He is a man of few words.

Shepard is a fan too, but being the SWEET guy he is, without so much as a complaint, he handed his ticket over.  Wow!  That is what a brother should be like!!!   It made me tear up a little.    

OK, Stafan don't you think taking two desserts from the dessert cart is a little much????




Stafan:  Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake and gummy bears.  Me: Carrot Cake.  Cokie: Cheesecake.  They were all really great, but my carrot cake was the best!  I know because Mike got the Peanut Butter cake too, but ended up eating half my carrot cake. 


Mike thinks this next story is sooooo hilarious; I think who cares?!!  So, all week I was planning on our Friday night, and I was pretty excited or at least happy about it.  Friday afternoon Cokie took a bath, got all cleaned up and walked out in her Pacers jersey.  

Me:  "Oh, we are going to a Pacers game?" 

OK, that does sound pretty bad.  LOL  Did I mention I couldn't care less about sports?  I mean, I'm fine with my family liking it. 


I get it!  It isn't cool to not like sports.  You know the old song by Barbara Mandrell "If loving you is wrong I don't want to be right?"  If sports make you cool I don't want to be....  LOL


Before the dessert cart came, Stafan ate a hotdog, chips and 18 wings!!!!!!!!!  Good thing the boy is an advid runner.