Three big reasons to be happy today.


Darby made the tennis team!!  Guess why it is such a big deal?! 


Because her three older (they are all a year older than Darby) competitors didn't!  Actually, Cokie didn't try out for the team.  She initially said she was going to, but after we talked about it she decided to sit this season out and think about trying out next year.  If she does decide to get serious, she'll need to start wearing her brace again, which I think had a lot to do with her decision to not try out.  Cokie was burned severely in China and has had around 30 surgeries on her feet, legs and head.  After wearing a foot brace for years, she decided she didn't want to wear it anymore.  I think she could be a good doubles player.  She is athletic and a very tough competitor. 


And then there is Lyric.  She didn't want to try out at all.  Was not into it.  I told her to at least try out.  Every time the girls were practicing this summer, you would usually find Lyric sitting on the side watching the other girls sweat in the sun.  

Even though Lyric didn't make the team, she was very happy for Darby.  When Darby made the team Lyric let out a yell, "Darby made it!!"  They were walking by the soccer team's practice, and the entire soccer team let out the cheer "Yeah Darby!"  How sweet is that?  


Gabrielle, on the other hand, does want to play tennis.  She will probably step up her game.  


Reason # 2 for being happy today.  My grandson started preschool.  I guess you can tell I'm not allowed to put his pic on my blog.  Trust me, he's really cute and really smart!   

Grace and Whit

The third thing that made me happy was my niece Payton.  She was only three when my Mom died.  But today my Mom would be in hog heaven!  The first three years of Payton's life, her Mom (my younger sister) worked, and my Mom watched Payton.  On the days my Mom was too sick to watch Payton, I watched her. 


So what did Payton do to make my day?  I'm glad you asked.

She started Bible College!  So forget about hog heaven!  Actually, my Mom is in real Heaven, and I suspect she is doing cartwheels over Payton's decision.  Payton moved on to campus today.  She is two states away.  She spent the last two years figuring out a way to get there and today she made it!  She told her Mom when she arrived on campus she just stood there and took it all in.  We will miss her, but are looking forward to some great road trips to Tennessee.  My sister and I have our plans already in the works.  Actually, Arden is going down in a week with my sister.   Then, my sister, Bret and I will be going about a month after that.  



So, back to Darby and her making the tennis team.  Bret is the one who trained her!  Good job Bret! 



Bret:  "You're not going to make the team Lyric!"  

Lyric:  "I don't care!"

Lyric is in advanced classes and her favorite thing to do is read, read and learn.  But I think Mike is also going to step up his game and start practicing with her and the others and make them all try again next year.  

Cokie putting her boot on over her brace.
Tennis MS champs

Bret and her tennis team.

Cokie with her hand bandaged after one of her many surgeries.  I think they had to turn around what was left of her pinky. The fire had fused it to the top of her hand.  


Where did the time go????