Disclaimer:  This song has absolutely nothing to do with this post... but I love it.  LOL

Lael and my day at the Fair.   I've been 3 times this year, and Lael has been twice. 


But, for some reason in the middle of the car wash I asked Lael if she would rather go out to breakfast.  She said sure and we could try a new "trendy" restaurant she likes.   


On one of these pics is the name of the restaurant.  : - )



Here is a hint.  What does this strong color remind you of?


Lael:  "No, don't take pictures of people without their permission.  It's against the law."

Me:  "Hmm... pretty sure it's not.  But,  just  in case I'll check with my lawyer. "

Me:  "Is it illegal to take pictures of people unknowingly?"  

My Lawyer:  "Not that I'm aware of or there would be a whole of paparazzi in jail?"

Me:  "Nice try Lael."  


The food was really good, but I am more a traditionalist.  Lael had already taken her Dad here for lunch, but I had never been so it was fun!



Well, golly-gee-whiz Lael, that is a great pic you took of me!



This is a little art studio room right next to the dining area.  Hmm... some strange art if you ask me.  Lael wants to bring Lyric here for her birthday since Lyric loves art. 


That's the name of the place. 


Then, Lael asked me to stop by her school to pick up her books!  She'll be in her 3rd year of nursing.  Yeah!  Every time she saw one of her professors she would get nervous.  LOL  Really Lael?  Your own Dad teaches at a university.  What's the big deal?

This is the school Whitney got her degree from too.



Lael swindled me into buying her another uniform.  She has to wear them most days this year.  Do you think two uniforms is too many?   : - )