Boone's spelling words. 


C-O-N-S-T-I-T-U-E-N-T'-S  I can't even pronounce this one.   Actually, I think these are the challenge words.  He already had the regular test on Monday, and if he gets them all correct he moves on to these.  I was explaining to him the definition for the word culture.

Me:  "You know like we eat hamburgers and hotdogs, but Chinese like to eat rice and noodles."

Boone:  "And fish.  With their eyes still on."  

Me:  "Gross."

Boone:  "They are dead.  I ate them."  

Me:  "Yeah.  I know you did." 


Boone is doing being really good in school.  Well, he has had a couple of relapses this week.  Like when the teacher sent an email because he told another kid "shut up."  Hmmm... that could be because I tell him to shut up.


And then for some reason, he really likes to mess with the librarian.