The Pacers are Back


I'm not sure what Mike is doing out on the floor, but I know it got us in. : - )

I'm not a big sports fan, but I do enjoy going to live games.  And from what I'm told, the Pacers are pretty good this year, which makes the atmosphere a lot more exciting.


But for me, the very best part of going to the Field House is not watching the Pacers.  It is seeing Cokie's picture on the wall.  It is above the first drinking fountain on the left after you walk in the main entrance.  She has her picture above a drinking fountain on the second level too.



Stafan is a huge fan.  He is very aggressive (in a good way) when he plays sports.  He told us that night that he plans on playing in the NBA.


Ohio State star Deshaun Thomas visited the suite we were in.  You know how I knew he was....?  Mike told me. : - )  Seriously, when he walked in, I saw he was REALLY tall and I could tell he was being escorted.  I can do deductive reasoning and knew he "was somebody."  LOL  It was so funny, because another little boy who lives in Ohio was in the suite and went absolutely nuts when he saw this guy.  He started yelling, "But, I don't have Facebook!"  Deshaun was very nice to the kids and everyone else.  And check out that smile.  I have a feeling he is going to be a popular NBA player. 






Now that is a sandwich!


This is a different game here.  Mike got tickets, because Lael was dying to go see Jeremy Lin.  She loves Jeremy Lin.  Mike got Lael the jersey for Christmas.  When she opened it, she screamed and then cried.


And again, Mike was doing that thing on the floor.


And yes, I stopped by to visit Cokie's picture.