Remember when we adopted Remi and Shepard in 2010 and my friend Teri was adopting Reagan, on the left? Reagan and my Bret hit it off after we got home. Teri invited Bret to celebrate with her family Sunday at Spaghetti Factory. It was Teri's Grandmother's 91st birthday, her parents' 53rd wedding anniversary and her daughter, Annie's 8th birthday. Ironically, when Teri adopted Annie as a baby, we were adopting aaah who was it, oh it was Arden. Had to think on that one, but my point is we took Bret and Lael on that trip, so Bret got to travel with Teri when they got Annie. Teri's husband, Mike wanted to adopt an older child ever since we traveled together to get Arden who was 11 y.o. when we got her.  After Annie, though, they went back and adopted Eli, then a couple years later Mike got his dream of adopting an older child-Reagan!  Hope you followed all that...there is a quiz below.
Teri's Annie is standing next to Reagan and he son Eli is by Bret.
The girl in the middle is Reagan's friend and yes she too is adopted.
dl1 065
The first time Mike and Teri met Reagan.

Picture 272
This was the same trip they were getting Reagan and we were getting Shepard and Remi. Here Shepard was getting the required medical exam so we could get his visa. You can see the baby behind him getting adopted, but big boys need families too. Shepard is a doll and I'm so proud he is my son.
Picture 005
This was another trip and Teri was adopting Annie.  We were adopting Arden.   This is the trip that got Teri's husband thinking about adopting an older child who turned out to be Reagan.  Here we got to take Arden back to say goodbye to her class. She went to a public school and was the only orphan in her class. You can see she was wearing the clothes we brought for her.
Arden and new teacher
Arden's first day of school in the US.