A Christmassy weekend

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Despite the warm weather, we had a very "Christmassy" weekend. I love the Christmas season and, of course, I love the reason for the season--Jesus. It is ironic how people who insist on saying "Happy Holidays" claim they say that because they don't want to offend anyone, but when I tell them Christians like me are offended at the concerted effort to take the Christ out of Christmas, that doesn't seem to bother them at all. I've already had more than my more share of it this year. I just need to keep reminding myself that each one of these episodes is an oppportunity to share the love of Jesus with someone who can't even bring themselves to acknowledge his birth is the reason for all the lights, festivals and feasts we'll be enjoying this month.
About our Christmassy weekend....


We went and saw "A Christmas Carol" at the Indiana Repertory Theater.  The kids' reviews ran the gamut.  When the actors first took the stage, Lyric couldn't hardly contain herself and kept saying in a low voice "This is awesome!  This is awesome!  This is awesome!"  Lael said she slept through most of it (but she did enjoy her nap).







It was a special performance and before the play, they served hors o'doeuvres. We weren't expecting this much food!  I thought we would have to have dinner after we left, but we were stuffed.










Me:  "This is really good food."

Lyric:  "You're telling me?!"


Before the show, we got a behind the scenes tour of the theater.  The most interesting part was the prop room where they make all the props and costumes needed for each play.  The tour guide said they have the actors and actresses (who are often from other cities) send their measurements so they can get a head start making"mock-up" costumes for a new play.  The mock-up costumes (like the white dress above) are actually made from very cheap material called muslin because they can't trust the actors and actresses  to give accurate measurements (no  surprise--the actresses are often bigger)!  When the actresses show up in person, they can try on the mock-up costume and quickly make needed adjustments to the size before making the real thing out of more expensive material.  I can't imagine us women not giving our true weight and measurements!! 








Bret and Remi even had a bigger weekend than the rest of us.  They were invited to go with another family to see "A Yuletide Celebration" at the Circle Theater Friday night. We haven't went to to that for a couple of years, but maybe we can make it this year. I'm glad Remi and Bret got to go, in case we don't.


The people who invited Bret and Remi adopted Abigail (to Remi's right in the pic above). Remi and Abigail were best friends in China, and it is nothing short of a miracle that these two girls were adopted by families who had never met--but live about 30 minutes apart. Abigail has a wonderful family, and I'm so glad she and Remi are still friends.  It is amazing that two and a half years ago, Remi and Abigail were orphans who each had a very tough life.  Now they both have families who love them, and they still have each other.  God is good!

About the picture:  Mike and I were not home when Abigail's parents came to pick up Bret and Remi, so I told Bret to make sure she got a picture of Remi and Abigail together.

Not sure what Bret did to my camera,
but I got the picture above. : - ((

I am looking forward to more fun and festivities as we lead up to the celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior later this month, but this weekend was a great start.  I hope you and your family are having a wonderful CHRISTmas season so far as well.