I just wanna be me!

Lyric is 10 y.o.! When we got Lyric in 2004, I thought I was so old to be adopting a 2 y.o. (well, maybe I was.) Now we can't imagine being our age and not having a 10 y.o. O.K. so we have three of them and soon four, because Cokie turns 10 y.o. too in Dec.


The best things in life aren't things.


Lyric is just fun, easy and a little spoiled. She makes about all As.  She can get a little lazy at times, but doesn't most every kid test just a little? School just started a couple weeks ago and I guess going from 3rd to 4th grade work is a big deal. I got an email from her teacher that said Lyric did not turn in her homework. The teacher kept Lyric in during recess, and she still didn't turn in her work. Wow, now that's bad! I wasn't that surprised, because Whitney tried the same thing in 3rd grade and she was in the gifted program. When Lyric came home from school her TV was out of her room and safely hidden. She doesn't get it back till I see her first report card. Lyric says "That's weeks away!" I told her that was not my problem. So, that night she did the homework and dryly told me, "That took most of my life."







Soon Lyric will be an Aunt!




Darby spent the night to help Lyric celebrate.  We had told Lyric that we would take her to eat Chinese for lunch the next day. The next morning Darby asked if Remi if we were going out for Chinese, and Remi told her no. Darby replied, "You mean I came over her for nothing!!"



The boys don't want to admit it, but they have to always be seeing what the girls are up to and vice versa. The girls came down for a snack and Darby ran into Stafan and made him drop his pepperoni. Stafan got mad and purposely threw her Triscuit on the floor. Say what?! I hear Mike lecturing. No need for a lecture! Stafan is now shaking rugs and sweeping the floor. Mike said when he got done lecturing Stafan, Shepard was standing in the back of the kitchen doing his best not be noticed and his darndest not to smile at the fact Stafan just got yelled at. Shepard has a temper, but Stafan is the good boy that hardly ever gets in trouble. Mike walks by Shepard and Shepard stands straight and tall with his hands crossed and says, "Hi Dad."


After a hard night partying with some of her cousins. Life is good, but with no TV in her room I'm seeing everything from the kids painting their nails to hearing them sing Christmas carols.


Lyric chores