Arden's Belated Birthday Blog

No, the menu isn't photoshopped. Mike had McCormick & Schmick's make her a special birthday menu.DSCN4784

Hitting the mall and Godiva!
Mike worked while Arden and I went shopping for her present.
Li Mei and Arden 2006
Do you remember Arden's best friend, Li Mei from China? Arden was 11 when she left China, and Li Mei was 17 then.  They were really the only "family" each other had.  Li Mei was Arden's protector and was really good to Arden. This was the last time they were together and you can see how upset Li Mei was. I think Arden was like "I"m out of here." Li Mei sent Arden this birthday email wish below. English is Li Mei's 2nd language and she is doing great!!
Dear Arden,happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you,happy birthday to you Arden,Happy Birthday To You,may you have a wonderful birthday!If I can,i very want to give you big big hug"really!I love you very much!
Update on Arden and Li Mei. I took this picture of Arden tonight. On the way home I was asking Arden about the beautiful, sweet and cute letters she wrote to us before we were about to adopt her in China. I asked her if she remembered the letters. She said "I don't know. Li Mei wrote half of them. Do you really think a kid could have been that deep?" I was pretty shocked. How sweet was that of Li Mei though? She knew she would never get adopted, but yet she did this for Arden in the hope that Arden would get out of the orphanage.