Things continue to be fun around here. You can't tell from the pictures, but Stafan and Shepard are bonding or at least enjoying one another. Their biggest issues right now are clothes. Stafan doesn't mind sharing, but he does like first pick. Shepard is getting very possessive of certain items. Actually, they both have their favorite shoes and if I want them to switch because of the outfits they are wearing that is immediate grounds of pouting.... all the way to school. Isn't this suppose to be a girl thing? These boys are much worst. Of course, the boy thing does kick in when the other one can't take the teasing anymore. We found out Shepard knows how to "cock back his arm" as Brady calls it. This, and the fact that Shepard came with his two front teeth knocked out tells us the boy knows how to fight. That doesn't mean he can't be very cute, sweet and whiny. Stafan on the other hand, has this killer smile that little girls swoon over. I can tell that in the mornings when I'm driving them to school. The little girls literally stick their heads out the windows to holler "Hi Staaaafan." Anyway, when we got Stafan over two years ago he came with a big lump on his forehead. He told us it was from teasing and being knocked into a wall. So sissies I don't have and that includes their big army brother!