Life at our house

Bret went to Riley Hospital for Children yesterday. They checked her expanders and said they wanted to wait another two weeks to start her treatment. She started her tutoring today. Her tutor was valedictorian of her high school, so I think Bret is in good hands!

Shepard had started to warm up right before we left China, but he got sick on the plane coming home. His first week he just slept and laid around. Stafan was really starting to worry that his new brother was going to be a real dud. : - )

Well, not anymore. Just the last day or so Shepard and Remi are starting to feel more comfortable. They have a ways to go, but they are slowly starting to laugh and smile more. As you can see Shepard is doing a little more than that with just Stafan.

Can you tell they are totally annoyed I have the camera out? Mike and I have four 2nd graders. Life couldn't be more fun.

Arden ready for school this morning.
Remi is getting sweeter and sweeter. She likes to give kisses, but I don't think she had ever been kissed. : - (( She doesn't even pucker. Tonight she came in my bedroom and I gave her a kiss. She acted so uncomfortable, but almost skipped out of the room.

Lael's 1st grade teacher (in the blk) stopped by for a visit. Lael was so excited. Lael loved her then and loves her now!