The quads started high school!!  Omgosh, it was just the other day I didn't think they were ready for middle school.  They were too little.  My sweet, sweet babies.  But hey, I spent the day doing whatever I wanted.  And I'm OK with that.  : - )


They are all really smart.  Lyric though is in a lot of the advanced classes.  She has a class where her and another girl are the only freshman.  The rest are upperclassman.

Lyric:  "I don't know it was weird.  I thought they were immature."  

OK, that was interesting, because Lyric is the most entertaining person around here.  Well, there is Boone!  But Lyric is funny, witty, to the point and well now that I think about it, she is really mature... when she wants to be.  



Some people wear a cross, because they think it is a pretty piece of jewelry.  But the cross on this girl means something to her.  She loves Jesus!  I love listening to Remi pray.





Boonie Butt.  Sigh...

Me:  "You want to make $5 a week?"

Boone:  "Yeah!!!!!!"

Me:  "You have to speak Chinese to the other kids."  

(Five of our kids, including Boone, can speak Chinese).

Boone:  "Five a day or a week?"

Me:  "A week!"

Boone:  "I have to think about it."  


Boone still loves his teacher he had for 1st and 2nd grade.  He had only been in the U.S. for a few days when he started school and of course spoke no English.  It was love at first sight for those two.  The wilder and crazier he got the more she loved on him. 

Me:  "Did you get to see her?"

Boone:  "Yes."

Me:  "You went to her class?"

Boone:  "No, she found me." 


The day before high school started was orientation for the 9th graders.  Stafan and Lyric decided they wanted to jog to the school.  And they did.  Stafan has been a huge runner for a long time, but Lyric -- well who would of thought?  But the girl can run... when she wants to and if she wants to.