Happy, happy Father's Day.  

The righteous man walks in his integrity;
His children are blessed after him.

Proverbs 20:7


Mike's day actually started on Saturday.  Arden had to work all day on Sunday, so she went to breakfast with her Dad Saturday.  And, of course, me!  : - )  But the waitress brought out this "old fart" coffee cup and sits it down in front of Arden.  LOL  Arden's too pretty to be drinking out of an "old fart" cup!  Mike being the kind of gentleman and Dad he is tells Arden to give it to him.  He wouldn't let Arden drink out of it.  That's how Mike treats his girls. 




After breakfast Mike took the kids swimming and when he got home I surprised him with a steak.  We're normally hamburger people, so it was a surprise.  




Sunday we were dropping the kids off at the pier.  The pier is where the teens have their church.  I heard one of my girls say "Look at Gabrielle's new dress!"  Gabrielle is my niece, and I just had to get a picture.  : - )



After church, we had lunch at one of Mike's (and everyone else's) favorite places.  Gray Brothers Cafeteria.  It is pretty well know around these parts.  When we got there (and we got there early!) the line was out the door and wrapped around the building.







Just a few days ago, Cokie told all the kids she got her Dad on Father's Day, because she had plans to take him to Steak 'n Shake.  So she got him for dinner, and me of course!  : - )  Cokie took it all VERY seriously.  She counted down her money to the penny. 

As we driving there, Cokie made an announcement:  "Let me go over the rules.  No cokes.  No shakes.  And you have to order off the $4 menu."


Now I know what it feels like to be a kid again!!  I did negotiate, and we got cokes.   

We didn't know it, but Cokie saved coupons for two weeks.  I guess that is when she came up with the idea.  She actually did really good.  The three of us all had nice meals, and we shared a side of Onion Rings, all for under $20 (after the coupons).


Cokie:  "How much of a tip should I leave?"

Mike: "About $4."  

Cokie:  "Four dollars?!?!!"



Then I got scolded.  

Cokie:  "You owe me $2!  You went over!!"


It was the sweetest thing ever, but I think the whole thing gave Cokie a lot of stress.