Boone: "Hey Mom you get a free dinner."

Me:  "Where?"

Boone:  "Crown Hill."

Me:  "That is a cemetery.   They are trying to sale burial plots."

Boone: "What's that?"

Me: "Where they put your bones after you're dead.  Hey, you want to go see my Mom and Dad's burial plots?"

Boone: "Sure.  Is that even legal?"

Me: "Yeah."

Boone:  "You mean you can sale your Mom and Dad's bones to someone else?"


If this isn't pathetic enough to get this in the mail--the dinner is at Golden Corral!!!



Right before we left to go to the cemetery to try and sale... Kidding!  Anyway, Boone asked to take Jeeves along.  It was freaky.  When we got there Jeeves started going a little crazy-- sniffing and snorting.  I think he smelt "dead people." 



So, this morning on the way to school Boone says he didn't feel good and his stomach hurt.  I don't think he has missed any days this year.  So...

Me:  "Really?  OK, do you need to stay home from school?"

Boone:  "Yes."  

Two hours later:

Boone:  "Well, I feel good.  It's amazing!  Isn't that amazing?" 

Me:  "Yeah, Boone that is amazing."


Boone is still grounded from the TV.  I do let him watch cartoons in Chinese.  That's one way he practices his Chinese.  And, I let him listen to Christian channel preaching and music.  He also watches a lot of news since I have it on a lot.

Boone:  "Hey, Mom they found the emails!"

Boone:  "Mom, they changed a law."

Me:  "What law?"

Boone:  "I don't know."