Boone's first day of 4th grade. 

As the first day of school drew near, Boone was positive the school would post the teachers' classes on the door of the school like last year.  He drove me crazy until we drove by the school to check.  No postings.  Boone's school principal, Ray, lives right next door.  So Boone marched next door and started knocking on the principal's front door.  His wife came to the door, but the principal was not home.  Boone was persistent and kept going back to see if the principal had come home yet.  Finally, his wife told Boone she would have Ray come over when he got home, but he didn't show.  LOL  After four more days of waiting, Boone was getting aggravated.  Boone has a little lisp when he talks.  He says to me, "I waited patiently all thummer."  He decided he would have to call the principal himself.  I thought it might be better if his Dad called.  The principal told Mike he hand picked Boone's teacher himself.  So Boone finally found out who his teacher is.


I'm expecting a smooth school year.  It'll be only me and him.   All the other kids are in middle and high school.  We've got it all planned out.  I'll get my coffee and he'll his whatever.  We might let Mike go sometimes.  : - )


We got Boone three years ago.  It was a rough first school year.  Partly because he didn't know how to act, but partly because his teacher spoiled him as much as I did.  He still loves her and plans on visiting her often.  Of course he has to sneak since she is at the other end of the building, but he'll figure it out like he always does.


 Cokie:  "Boone got a souffle?!"

For me with Boone it was love at first sight.  Actually, I think it was for him too.  We bonded the first day.  It was easy.  He is so cute, intelligent, super sweet and super hilarious. 

Last week I heard a strange loud nose coming from the bathroom.  One I had never heard before.   

Me:  "Boone what are you doing in there?"

Boone:  "Practicing my belch."   

No worries around here that our boys aren't going to be real men.  



Boone meets his long awaited 4th grade teacher.  The principal must have known Boone likes blonds! 


These pictures were all taken in China while we were there adopting Pryor and Boone.  Can you tell Boone didn't mind being adopted?!!  A long time later Boone said the night before Mike picked him up he couldn't sleep all night, because he was too excited.


I've arrived.  No more orphan crap for me.  

 God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure.

Ephesians 1:5


When Lael was little I told her Jesus was adopted here on earth.  She told her Sunday School teacher, who told Lael she must have misunderstood me.  So who was  Joseph?  I think it's reasonable to think Joseph adopted Jesus since since God is Jesus' birth Father. 





And this was Pryor's first day of middle school!!  I told Pryor I heard the first week of middle school they pass out detentions like candy to the 6th graders.  He was warned!  He had better not come home with one. 


Pryor really likes school and he really likes sports.  He's popular and has lots of friends.


Like Boone, Pryor's first school year with us was rough.  It's hard to say which one got in trouble the most.  The school called often.  I knew it was expected adopting older kids, but eventually it was getting old.  Really old.  I had already been with Pryor for three weeks.  I knew he liked to test.  

He wanted to go to school here, and he was smart, but learning English was work!  He really wanted to be watching TV and playing video games.  China had already told me all this and they were right on.  Right off the bat Pryor impressed his teacher and the students with his math skills.  That didn't keep him from testing though.  He even got kicked off the bus for a week.   

The first week of school they called and asked me to come get Pryor because he was "overwhelmed."  Overwhelmed my butt.  I'm the one that should have been overwhelmed.  Come to think of it, maybe I was.  LOL  I went and got him, but it didn't pan out the way Pryor planned.  I made him sit in the garage all afternoon with only his books to look at.   The next day he was ready to go back to school!  


Pryor came home from school today very excited.  He said he loves middle school and all his new freedom.  Yikes. 


When the kids are at school Jeeves stays in the garage.  He has started liking it since he can wander in or out of the garage.  Most of the time he lays in this chair though.  The kids wanted to kill me yesterday.  I had given him leftover chicken.  Let's say it wasn't what his stomach was used to.  The kids had a lot of cleaning up to do inside and out.  : - )



The first time I met Pryor.  Unlike Boone, Pryor was nervous for a couple of days.  You can tell he wanted to cry.  He didn't though.



Back at the hotel.  It was only him and me, because Mike was in another province getting Boone.  Splitting up saved a lot of time and money.


So, this is how the other half live.



Pryor didn't want any American food, but I made him try peanut butter and toast.  I think he ate it for the next three days.  It was better than some of the other things I wanted him to try. 


What are these?  Right outside our nice hotel was this really great Australian restaurant. 


Unfortunately, when we were there last May it had closed!!  I guess the Chinese don't get our American tastes!


When Boone caught up with us in Guangzhou things changed.  Boone was a wild man, and he brought out the worst in Pryor.  After all, if Boone could show off, why couldn't Pryor? 



Second day of school--three years later. 


Boone's second day--three years later. 


Boone:  "You made me forget my book bag."

Me:  "How did I make you forget your book bag?"

Boone:  "You kept sending me back to brush my teeth better." 

I went home and got his bag.  The school secretary was like "Oh my gosh you only have one this year!"  : - ((((((  Too bad I'm getting old.