So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. 

Psalm 90:12  


My mother on their family farm.  She is the tallest with the dark brown hair.  The blond driving the wagon and holding the baby is her younger sister, Joyce.  Joyce is holding their nephew, David, who belongs to their oldest sister-not pictured.  The two youngest in the back are their brother Danny and sister Adria.  Danny died at age 18 of leukemia.  And Adria died recently at the age of  76.

 Scan 269

My Mom in the back, Aunt Adria in the pigtails on the left, Aunt
 Joyce far right.  I think my Aunt Nita is in the middle holding the baby girlThe baby girl is Joy Jean, and Joy Jean's brother David is the little boy in the front.  David and Joy Jean (my cousins) are the children of my Mom's oldest sister, Marion.  

Scan 286

My brother at Danny's grave.  While I was growing up, it was almost like Danny was alive because the entire family talked about him so often.  He was the baby out of ten kids (one died at birth).  

Scan 284

My Mom's brother Danny.  This is his senior picture, probably taken the same year he died.  The baby who died was named Keith, so Danny was named after him--Danny Keith. 

Scan 151740004

Grandma and Grandpa with their two youngest,  Aunt Adria and Uncle Danny.  I wonder if they knew he had leukemia here? 

Scan 260

My Mom in the middle with all her sisters.  Their house in the background.  

Scan 223

The house my Grandpa built after his first house burned to the ground.  No other houses in sight.  My Mom was a teenager when my Grandpa built this house.  After their house burned, they had to live in a tent while he was building their new house.  A storm blew the tent down, and they moved into a shed on the property.  A photo of the shed is several pictures below.  The house above is the one I grew up visiting.  At night, if a car pulled in you could hear it coming down the gravel road forever and ever.  I loved this house and we visited usually about once a month--sometimes more and sometimes less.  I always slept in the right front bedroom.   

Scan 290

Side view.   My best memories of childhood were in that house, and it didn't bother me a bit that it had flies everywhere and wasps upstairs!  The back add-on room was always called the annex.  

Scan 309

The house while it was being built.  Look at the clothes on the line!

Scan 279

Aunt Joyce 4th from the left.  The rest are her schoolmates. 

Scan 280

My Mom.


Aunt Adria with her baby, Deanna. 

Aunt Joyce with her husband.  Growing up I spent many a night at her house.  She also gave me all her daughter's hand-me-downs, and they were super nice!  : - )

Scan 294

This is David, the baby in the wagon.  He is with his wife Hedie (yes that is spelled right--pronounced like "Headie" not Heidi).  They are on my Grandpa's farm.  David grew up in California, but he came back to visit his Mom's family quite often.   

Scan 289

David again with his sister Joy Jean-- the baby in the 2nd picture from the top.  My Mom in the back and her sister, Marion, on the far right, the kids' mother. 

Scan 314

My Grandpa and my back, on the farm!  This is the shed I was talking about above.

Scan 151740009

 Grandma and Grandpa.  They were both such good Christians. 

Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life.  

Proverbs 16:31

Scan 285

Your's truly...  enjoying life then and now.