So, if you read my blog the other day you know Boone has/had a girlfriend? 


Boone:  "Pryor says my girlfriend has yellow teeth."

Me:  "He's  just jealous."

Boone:  "I looked.  She does.  She doesn't have time to brush her teeth."

Two days later...

Me:  "Boone do you still have your girlfriend?

Boone: "Yes."

Me:  "What about her yellow teeth?!"

Boone:  "She doesn't have yellow teeth."

Me:  "You said she did!  You said you checked!"

Boone:  "Aaah...  yeah.  I checked again.  And over the weekend she had time to brush them."   

Hmmm!  Her Mother owes me.  




Well, over our weekend Mike took these guys to State Wrestling at Bankers Field House.  And, you know we've got to have our picture taken in front of Cokie's!  Boone this picture really isn't about you.  Well,  I guess it is since I'm blogging about you.