God at work...

I think. 

Lucinda, is a friend and a dental hygienist.  The other day she was upset .  She was telling me about an 18 y.o. girl named Meredith she works with who was killed in a car crash.  Lucinda kept telling me how pretty and nice Meredith was.  

So, today I was in line at T. J. Maxx and a lady in front of me was talking on her cell.  I stared at her back and noticed the lady was super skinny.  I heard her say, "I think I'm losing my mind."  I guess I could tell the woman was a little distressed about something she had forgotten to do, but didn't take it serious.  

I really don't go around talking to people in line.  Actually, I'm usually indifferent.  Even if it is a cute kid I smile at them, but that is about it.  Well, today I got up in front of the woman and told her she wasn't losing her mind.  I went on to tell her a funny story about something Mike did this morning that would make you think he has lost his mind.  She looked at me and said, "I just lost my 18 y.o. Granddaughter." I immediately thought about the girl Lucinda told me about and asked the woman at T.J. Maxx if her granddaughter worked for a specific Doctor.  The woman said yes.   I told her my friend worked with her granddaughter.  I told the woman that my friend went on about how pretty and nice Meredith was.  The woman didn't say much, but before she left she told me, "We still need prayers."   Then she left crying. 

I looked Meredith up on line, and she has a graduation picture of herself and the lady I met today-her Grandmother.  She also had the picture below online. 

I texted my friend who first told me about Meredith.  I told her what just happened.  She texted back and said, "I think there is a reason you encountered her Grandmother.  You are supposed to pray for her."

So today I'm not only praying for this family.   If you're a Christian, I'm asking you too to please pray for Meredith's family."