My niece Payton popped up at my door late last night.  She is going to a Bible college two states away in Tennessee.  She, along with a couple of her friends, drove almost six hours yesterday to come back home for the weekend.  One of their best friend's Dad died at the age of 47 y.o. of a stroke, and they are attending the funeral today.  It was a complete shock.  He was a healthy nice looking man that even looked much younger than his age.  Life is short.  


Payton brought along with her Gabrielle, her sister who I had dinner with about two hours before.  : - )


And her sister Darby went shopping with me right before dinner. 

Darby:  "I was so mad!!  I finally got me a pair of high heels to fit and my Mom wouldn't let me buy them!"   

And, no I didn't buy them for her either.  LOL


This was taken a couple of weeks ago (with my sister's cell).  My sister and my daughter visited Payton at her school. 


One of the things the students at Payton's Christian college have to do is pick a mission.  Payton decided to help immigrants learn English.  But then Payton started to have second thoughts.  She didn't know if she wanted to work with adults.  Still, she felt led to attend the first meeting.  In came walking a Chinese man with his little girl.  He wanted Payton to teach his young daughter English.   Like Payton needs to be around more Chinese.  Ha!  She has a Chinese brother, two Chinese sisters, and fifteen Chinese first cousins!  

The truth is Payton was thrilled and said she didn't know if the little girl really reminded her of her sister Darby, or if she was only missing Darby.  : - )  But it'll be great, since Payton has spent her entire life with Chinese kids who only spoke Chinese when they arrived on U.S. soil.  As a matter of fact, Arden in the above picture came here at the age of 11 y.o. speaking no English. 


Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.   James 4:14



Arden Lael and Payton

Lael Payton and Eliot

Eliot Shan Payton

This was taken at the White Swan Hotel in Guangzhou we hope to visit again soon.   When this picture was taken, Payton was in China with her parents and meeting Arden for the first time. 


Around here if you have a cell you get calls... lots of calls from Boone.  He hears everything and pays attention to everything.  Well, he called Payton at the first of the week.  She told him she was coming home, but it was a surprise.  As soon as he got off the phone talking to Payton it started.

Boone:  "I have a secret."  

Boone:  "I have a secret.  Payton is com..."  Then, he would catch himself.  

After about three days of it...  I asked Payton's Mom if Payton was was coming home.  Her Mom had no idea, but Boone sure knew.