This is Dave my builder. We've known Dave for over 25 years. Wait! That can't be right because I'm not that old. Anyway, he built our house over 10 years ago. Now we are always calling him and whining about something and he comes over and helps us out.

I talked him into making Stafan and Shepard new beds. I found some on line I liked and went from there. They turned out great!! If you go to my last post you can see their new beds. The boys love them. Actually, all the kids do and are always wanting to sleep in there. Stafan's only complaint is "Why don't I have a bigger window. Shut up Stafan.

They sleep three so Brady will have a place to sleep when he comes home for visits!


The boys, especially Shepard follow Dave around constantly. When Shepard gets off the bus the first thing he does is look to see if Dave's truck is there. Now Dave is going to start on making Bret a new bed. I found another picture on line. All I have to do is tell Mike Dave wants more money. Then listen to Dave whine he isn't getting paid enough.